2019-07-18: New Gallery Added: 69 Nova
Shanda loves hot cars ecspecially when they are made in 69' what a great number!
This car was just fully restored and painted, Shanda is very honored to be the first to flash her tits and ass in front of it.
There is a video to come part of a blowjob series so stay tuned for that coming soon!
Shanda wishes everyone a fun happy sex filled hot summer!
This set is located in the Outside Album...some new wallpaper for your phone or computer.

2019-06-18: New Gallery Added: Pretty Pinky
Shanda likes to switch it up once in a while and let your pretend she is someone else you can fuck!
Check out this sexy blonde with a pink twist and a pretty pink pussy to show you.
Members this set is located in the Fetish Album go enjoy them!

2019-04-17: New Gallery Added: Blue Desires
Shanda in blue lace lingerie and feeling very sexy for you! Posing and teasing you in these very pretty pics of Shanda....enjoy them Members! This set is located in the Panties and Hose Album.

2019-04-15: You now get TheVickieJay.com
Woot Woot! Now members of this site and all VNA sites get the curvy insatiable internet sensation Vickie Jay! Check out her site right now, it will satisfy a lot of your fetishes! Sloppy blowjobs, lots of spit, large anal, outdoor nudity, upskirts, all sorts of homemade amateur porn, smut and filth, just the way we like it! Vickie Jay shoots and edits and uploads everything herself! Use your password to enter or just click through the bonus sites area! http:///www.TheVickieJay.com
The Vickie Jay

2019-04-03: New Video Added: Jerkoff And Ass play
Shanda is really looking sexy for you tonight....can she do something fun to entertain you? She wants to make you feel really good! Wanna let her stroke your cock and see what happens? Come watch and see how she likes to take care of a man...this video is for the kinky pegging fans so go watch and play with yourself for Shanda! Stay tuned for Bloopers and behind the scenes stuff to right after.

2019-04-01: POVMania.com is live and in your face!
Who doesn't like POV style shoots? We now have a site that specializes in just that! Lots of down and dirty blowjobs, hardcore and girl/girl sex right up close and personal! Check out legend stud Miles Long in POVMania.com! 60+ more videos for you! Use your VNA user/pass to enter it, or go through the bonus sites area inside this site! 
http:///POVMania.com is live!
2019-01-22: New Video Added: Your Gift 2018
This video is a bit long so be aware of the download! Shanda will be doing more shorter clips with a brand new Sony camera for 2019.
A great year together you deserve this Members enjoy Shanda, her pussy and all her wet creamy juices spilling out just for you!
Pull out your big hard on and stroke it for her... its just you and Shanda tonight. Stay tuned for some behind the scenes too.
Have a great 2019 everyone and we LOVE you here at Shanda Fay.com.....there is a brand new design coming soon too yippy!!!

2018-12-10: Maxine X is coming at you!
All Shanda Fay members now get Maxine X for free! If you are a fan of squirting, or bondage, or BBC or group sex or anal or any other type of smut or filth or perversion then we have just the girl for you! Maxine X has joined the VNA! I do believe she is the horniest, nastiest, dirtiest VNA girl yet! Check out her site and see if you agree! www.MaxineX.com She normally cams on thursdays so go and welcome her to the VNA! 
Fetish Babe Maxine X
2018-11-28: New Video Added: BatGirl Starring in.... Splash and Dash!
Batgirl is ready to pick up her new sparkley painted car and it looks so beautiful! She is so thankful to the auto body shop. Batgirl never has to pay for services because she is always fighting crime and the citizens of her city reward her! This time though her hot and very sexy car is making Batgirl's panties wet and she wants to show the hard working painter that he deserves a bonus surprise from this horny cosplayer! Get your hard on ready for some fucking and titty fucking Members and make sure you watch all the Behind the Scenes after the sexy stuff! Batgirl will continue to be fighting crime in 2019 stay tuned for more........Cosplay!

2018-11-26: How would you like Kendra James in the VNA?

We got ourselves a fiery redhead and she is kinky as fuck! The VNA is getting spicier all the time! Get you kink on with our newest site www.KendraJames.com! Don't worry she does a lot of super hot girl girl and other scenes too! There is a lot to see and do on her site already and she is just getting started! There are already 75 scenes of bondage, latex, corsets, bdsm, stockings, lesbian sex, cosplay, femdom, and strap-on play to get the site started! Check it out! Your VNA password works for www.KendraJames.now now! Or just jump in from the bonus sites page in the member's area!
Welcome KendraJames.com to the VNA

2018-11-13: New Bonus Site Rachel Storms!

Woot woot! More hot pics and videos for you! Another milf with a body and personality that just doesn't stop! Lots of kinky fun on her brand new website just released with the VNA! RachelStormsXXX.com yep your VNA password will work on her brand new site! There is already 110 videos and 5000 pics processed and more on the way! Can you handle it? 

Rachel Storms XXX brand new website

2018-11-02: Welcome to Fetish Babe Samantha Grace!

A great big VNA Welcome to our newest site SamanthaGrace.net! That's another 145 videos for you right off the bat and she is just getting started! Her camshows are on thursday nights and you get them free as a member of any VNA site! She loves requests and she is a pretty kinky girl! Things are just getting better and better around here! Check out SamanathaGrace.net Your VNA user/pass will get you in the front door or just go to the bonus sites page in the members area and click through...

2018-10-12: New Video Added: Paint Job Fuck!
"Paint Job Fuck!" ... brand new off the assembly line. As you know I'm a real life ''car girl'' and work in an autobody shop during my day job. I love cars so when I took my car in for some work... and wanted to make sure the painter was 'motivated' to do a great job,  I use my 'persuasive' abilities as a bonus! Shot in 4K, brand new video with funny BTS and bloopers at the end (so after I get a load of cum keep watching!) In the Sex Videos section. Now 342 vids and nearly 20,000 pics on my site alone! See you at my next live show!

2018-07-23: New Video Added: Oral Fixation
Do you like the taste of a sweet pussy in your mouth....try Shandas you'll be addicted! She instructs her slave to take care of her for once. He better listen and touch her the right way or she won't let him have even a taste! Shanda is the boss tonight so obey and she will reward you by sucking your cock and draining your balls. Members stay tuned for Behind the Scenes stuff too!!!!! Shanda in her Ballet high heels practicing for you.... right after the cumshot! Enjoy this video its located in the Sex Video Collection.

2018-06-19: New Gallery Added: SexySunset
Who wants to sit with Shanda and watch a pretty sunset on the Great Prairies of Alberta! Shanda is sexy in her summer dress and she forgot her panties again....you know what the means! Up skirt pussy flashes. Make sure you check out the video that goes with this set. Members this set is located in the Outdoor Album.

2018-06-03: New Gallery Added: BatGirl Pantyhose Fetish
Pics from the BatGirl cave! Cosplay lovers hold on to your comic books cause you can't find something like this in there! BatGirl is wearing her sexy airbrushed body of armor and silky black sheer pantyhose. She likes posing for you and ripping her stockings open exposing her pretty pussy for you. Enjoy Members this set will be in the Fetish Album

2018-06-03: New Gallery Added: BatGirl Pantyhose Fetish
Here is a set from the past. BatGirl in some sexy pantyhose playing with her pussy for you spreading it with her big black toy! Cosplay lovers are going to enjoy this set located in the Fetish Album!

2018-05-22: Welcome Natalia Starr
www.NataliaStarr.com Beautiful Polish model Natalia Starr has been recruited into the VNA! You lucky members - you get all her content free now! Her camshows are on Tuesdays so be sure and check them out. Read her bio here! Click the thumb to go directly to her site, your VNA user/pass will work there also! We now have over 1 million photos and 17,500 videos between us! 
Natalia Starr
2018-04-23: New Gallery Added: Members Gift
Shanda is grateful for ALL her Members just so you guys know! This is a little set Shanda did for Member Free Spirit who sent her this pretty little lingerie set Shanda is wearing for you ALL! Thanks Free xoxo! Gifts are more then appreciated they become Shanda's favorite and cherished things kept forever and not sold to anyone!

2018-04-23: New Gallery Added: Elvira Cosplayer
Hey guys here is PAST set from the vault. Sexy Cosplayer Elvira gets naked for you! This is not a horror set to scare you its for your hard cock to enjoy! This set is located in the Fetish Album.

2018-04-03: Jenna Foxx is now Live for you!

www.FoxxedUp.com is now live for your viewing pleasure! Exotic babe Jenna Foxx has joined the VNA and you get all her content free as a VNA member! Her camshows are on Sundays so be sure and check out her shows. Read her bio here! Click the thumb to go directly to her site, your VNA user/pass will work there also! We now have over 1 million photos and 17,500 videos between us! 
Jenna Foxx Thumb

2018-02-08: New Video Added: Happy Endings Pussy Treatment
Hey guys welcome to another video from the Happy Endings series. This time maybe some role playing... new staff. It always such a pleasure to make all the customers happy here and very relaxed. If your in need of a phone call and a friendly voice on the other end or you need a personal touch massage a deep inside treatment then you have found the right place. Check out this awesome video and make sure you watch till the end for some funny stuff too!
Enjoy Members this video is located in the Sex Video Collection it is a bit longer then usual so expect a bit of a download.

2018-01-25: New Video Added: Your Invited to Shanda's Picnic
Shanda invites you to her pussy picnic out on the prairies. She wishes your big cock was there instead of her fingers. Watch her stuff her hole and get wet outside, who knows maybe some is watching...like you!!!
This video is located in the Outdoor Video Collection!

2017-12-27: New Video Added: Christmas Fuck 2017
All of us here at ShandaFay.com wish you the best of the holiday season and a very happy New Year 2018.....here we cum! Shanda wants to make it an even better year with more ShandaFay content and a new fresh look to the site coming in 2018.
Shanda would like to express how thankful she really is for each individual Member that took their hard earned cash and bought a membership to ShandaFay.com...Thank you soo much without your continued support we couldn't do it without you!
Check out this new Christmas video Shanda asked Santa if she could have her holes filled watch the video and see...she is such a dirty horny girl!
Make sure you watch the Behind the scenes also after the cum shot!
This cideo is located in the Sex Video Collection

Happy 2018 horny people!!!

Love always forever Shanda and helpers

2017-12-22: New Video Added: BatGirl The Porn Series ...Presents Poison Ivy
The long awaited video for The Batgirl Porn Series Poison Ivy is here! Have fun COSPLAY fans with this dirty version of a sexy airbrushed comic book villan. Today Poison Ivy is on good behavior she is feeling a little sweet and horny tonight.  She is craving something do you have what she wants? Can you fill her up with somethng sweet so maybe Poison Ivy will be a little nicer more often and not so deadly! Check out the video Members its a bit longer then usual and watch the Behind the Scenes action too! 
More to come on Posion Ivy in 2018 and the Batgirl Porn Series.
This video is located in the Blowjobs Handjobs Video Collection

2017-11-17: New Gallery Added: Poison Ivy Cosplay
Shanda is continuing her BatGirl series with something a bit different. She has taken the opposite role as a bad girl this time! All airbrushed body paint 2hrs of amazing work from a local artist presenting Poison Ivy porn style...Shanda's view! Enjoy the pics first there is a new video coming also next week. This set is located in the Fetish Album.

2017-11-09: Feeling Kinky? Kink305 now live!
90 more videos for you VNA members to enjoy! Brand new site www.kink305.com just went live! Featuring all the sexy dirty models in the 305 area code! Oh yeah! Some like it hot! Real hot and kinky! Your user/pass will work directly on this site, or just go to it through the bonus sites page inside this site's member's area! Enjoy! 
Kink305 is now live!
2017-10-01: New Gallery Added: Pics from the Vault....Dirty Romantic
Pics from the vault....Shanda is wearing her fa color of purple lingerie.This set had to be dug up and posted for your dirty minds Members. There is also a blowjob video check in the BJ section.

2017-10-01: New Gallery Added: BatGirls Car broke down WTF
Batgirls stuck on the side of the road with her car, it broke down. She needs your assistance! Check out the video shot a while back but here are some pics of Batgirl posing hoping someone would stop. See the video for the hardcore action. More Batgirl the Porn Series is coming soon! This set is in the Fetish Album.

2017-09-30: New Gallery Added: Pics from the Vault BatGirl Comic Expo
Here are some pics from a past expo Batgirl attended and showed off her sexy costume to all those horny cosplayers! Its a public shoot so no nudity in this set sorry guys. A new Batgirl video is coming soon stay tuned! This set is located in the Fetish Album.

2017-09-18: Cristi Ann Live is up and running for you!

I think we have lost track of how many bonus sites you now get as a VNA member! Maybe you can tell us? lol... Cristi Ann was born Miami, Florida on April 10,1992, a spicy mix of Cuban and Vietnamese; that's why she is so beautiful! She is the bubbly-blonde girl next door with a secret passion for kink! Standing 5' 2" tall with measurements 34D-27-37 (yes, she got that Latin booty!) She burst onto the porn scene in 2015, fresh-faced and down for pretty much anything!!! Check out her site - she has uploaded 48 videos already and more on the way! 

Cristi Ann Live

2017-09-07: New Video Added: Hot Rod Deep Throat
Shanda made an appearance at a local carshow in Calgary. Wearing a cute vintage dress she posed with some of the sweetest rides there. But afterwards is when things got really fun. Her dress came off and she wanted a real hot rod deep down her throat. Sucking and licking on that big cock Shanda loves to do but she really likes a hot load in her mouth...do you have some for her too?
Check it out in the Blowjobs Handjobs Video Collection.

2017-08-29: BlownByRone.com is now Live!
www.BlownByRone.com is now live for you! Check it out, all included in your VNA membership, bringing the total to 36 sites including the live cams and cam archives! Sexy little Samantha has already been in over 250 videos and is decorated with AVN and XBiz nominations! Click on her site to see why! Go through the front door with your VNA user/pass or click through from the bonus sites page in the member's area of this site! Let us know what you think of this new addition! 
BlownByRone.com now part of the VNA
2017-08-15: New Video Added: Double Gapping
When a special Member who is lady named MissFreeSpirit sends Shanda gorgeous lingerie she has to do something sexy to show her appreciation. There's something so special about gifts from fans! Watch out this video Shanda is doing some dirty stuff with her toys getting her juicy holes all ready for a big cock to penetrate her. She teases you and shows how she can spread her pussy and ass OPEN WIDE your gonna shoot it big time right in one of those big gapping holes!
Members this video is located in Shanda's Anal Video Collection.
Thank you Free! xo

2017-08-08: Presenting RomeMajor.com

Wydesyde Productions in conjunction with VNA is proud to present www.RomeMajor.com our first interracial site, It's now up and running and you get it free with your VNA membership! Just click the thumb from the bonus sites area of any VNA site! Or go through the front door using your VNA user/pass. 95 steamy scenes and 20K photos are waiting for you! 

Rome Major Live Now

2017-07-25: New Gallery Added: Dodge Challenger
Some sexy pics of Shanda in the paint booth just after this hot rod was painted 24hrs prior. Make sure you watch the video and see what she did to the auto body tech. This set is located in the Outside Album

2017-07-09: Nina Kayy now part of the VNA Network!

Effective immediately - curvy blonde bombshell from Serbia NinaKayy.com is part of your VNA package! Always expanding for you! Now over 30 websites! Just go to the "bonus sites" page inside any VNA site and click the site you want to explore. You don't ever have  to re-enter a user/pass ever again! 

2017-07-06: New Video Added: Perv Shanda 11 inch Strap on OMG
This video is for you strap on lovers only so be warned!!!!
Shanda bought a new friend 11 inches of pure pleasure and its ready for your ass.
You know Shanda Fay is the best girl to strap one on for you and tease you.
So don't be shy she does it completely different then anyone else. This is not a punishment its an extraordinary way that a man can be sexually aroused and try new things you won't believe how much harder you can cum. As you enjoy yourself watching this video she wants you to relax and just open up to her.  Shanda will make your fantasy become reality...so bend over and let Shanda stretch your ass!
This video is seperated in the Pegging Video Collection.

2017-06-05: New Video Added: Vacation Quickies
Here is some footage shot in Osoyoos. Shanda is doing some naughty things for you outdoors she is just waiting to get caught sucking cock and flashing her boobs! Members stayed tuned for some candid video of Shanda just being herself and doing what she loves to do while on vacation! This video is located in the Outdoor Adventure Video Collection.

2017-05-09: New Video Added: Dodge Challenger Blowjob
Spring is finally here and so are the short skirts, bikinis and hot rods! There is a special hot rod that just has a fresh paint job on it and Shanda was asked to cum and clean it! When she arrives in her sexy work clothes guess what there is no work to be done on the car but there is special work needed on a hard cock near by. Shanda has the perfect mouth skills for this job...go watch her make him feel so amazing he can't hold back yelling as he cums all over her long sexy tongue. Make sure you watch the behind the scenes after for a little extra!

2017-05-02: Fucked Feet

You now get www.fuckedfeet.com as part of your VNA membership! If you like pretty girls with oiled up feet giving footjobs then visit this site right away! Another 60 amazing videos for you to enjoy! The site accessible via the bonus sites section in the members area, or just login to it via the front door using your VNA user/pass! A brand new forum for this site on the members board too! Let us know what you think! 

2017-04-02: Another Bonus Site ALL ANAL
NEW MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT -  Our 33rd site is a doozy! Made 100 percent  by an amateur dude who loves to fuck some of the hottest girls in porn AND some of the newest girls in porn who haven't even tried anal before. It's got fresh exclusive anal footage that you are gonna LOVE.   How do you get this site?  Just log in with your membership here. Your username and password will work on this new site too! Or just jump in from the bonus sites page! This site is a specialty site all about one thing only! It's well shot, well lit and well edited! Enjoy! Would love to hear your comments about it on the member's forum!  76 Brand new videos for you! If you like anal... we got you covered. Prepare to be piledrived! Now 33 sites and live shows 365 days a year! The best community in porn is only getting better... 

2017-03-26: New Video Added: LipsDick
Do you ever fantasize about Shandas lips wrapped around your cock?  She bought 3 pretty different colored lipsticks to try out on your cock  in this POV video. Shanda wants you to drop a hot load of cum in her mouth shes hungry for some cum! Cum colored lipsdick is the best for her lips she decided.  Thank you Member for the special request Shanda hopes you enjoy it. Check out the bloopers after also.

2017-03-14: New Gallery Added: Batgirls Room High Res Pictures
Here are the high resolution pictures for Batgirls room the Porn Series...a new installment is coming in April cosplay fans so stay tuned for more as Batgirls sexual experiences continue!

2017-03-14: New Gallery Added: Batgirls Room Pics
Here are some past high resolution photos from Batgirls room the video which you better have already watched and stroked to. Shanda loves playing in cosplay costumes for her fans.

2017-03-11: New Gallery Added: AVN & AEexpo Las Vegas
Vicky Vette was gracious to share these pictures shot in Vegas at the AVN and AEexpo shows in Vegas! Shanda had the best time ever and 2 nominations this year was a major honor for her! Seeing Vicky, the VNA girls meeting Members/fans and the red carpet where Shanda got to feel like a princess for the day....was all just so amazing maybe you will think about going down next year!

2017-03-11: New Gallery Added: AVN & AEexpo
Luckily Vicky Vette was gracious enough to share these pictures shot in Vegas at the AVN and AExpo in Las Vegas! Shanda had so much fun she loved it all! Seeing Vicky again meeting Members and the red carpet was definitely the best time! Check out the pics of everyone there are a bunch of different porn stars to see. ....maybe you will think about going next year 2018!

2017-02-23: New Video Added: AVN My Dress
Shanda went down to Vegas to the AVN awards show this past Jan 2017. With 2 nominations for Hottest MILF and Favorite Cam Girl Shanda was just very..... honored and happy to experience the AEExpo with Vicky Vette and some of the VNA girls along with some great Members that showed up from some of the VNA sites.....such a great time and not enough hours in Vegas to do it all! But Shanda didn't have a photographer down in Vegas and wanted to do a shoot in her pretty red carpet dress. A special Member sent her a very cool looking toy with many interesting features on it, which she saved for this video. Thank you Members when you send gifts she will always use them in a video to show her appreciation! Enjoy Shanda in her pretty gown she really felt like a princess and enjoy Shanda with her legs spread wide while she enjoys shoving a brand new big toy in her pussy!
Thank you for the gifts, my toy, the nominations and all the voting you guys did for a month everyday!

2017-01-10: New Video Added: Happy New Year Shanda Gets You Off
Its the start of another year and Shanda Fay is ready to take on the job of pleasing, teasing and getting you off all year round! To start off 2017 Shanda is stroking your your cock in her very own special way you have to see this new video! Make sure you stay tuned for BTS (behind the scenes) She will be adding this to most videos in the new year.
A  message from Shanda, Thank you Members for an amazing 2016 every year gets more exciting and better! I wish you all the best to cum for 2017 and I hope to see more of you all!
Love you Members...now go stoke it for me!


2017-01-08: New Gallery Added: Merry Strap on Christmas
A little extra bonus for strap on fetish fans. Pictures of Shanda and her big toy she wears it like no other so bend over if you have been a naughty boy! Check out the whole video in the Pegging Collection.